Flickr Photo Review – Image by Edward Mistarka – Cardinals

Below is an image submitted by one of our flickr members, “Edward Mistarka,” entitled “Cardinal Combat.”

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  • Notes From the Field: “This image was the result of recognizing an opportunity in the winter snow where the birds were extremely concentrated and very hungry. With a 100 mm macro lens I was able to get within 10 ft. of the feeding location and not disturb the birds as they fluttered prior to landing. A cable release let me get back a few feet more. I selected this location also due to the overhead branches in a tree that the birds were using as a staging area. I also pre-focused on a spot a few inches back of the feeding area as the birds seemed to open their wings the most in this area. If I had it to do this shoot over I would have moved the iso lower and devoted twice the time invested as I did not realize how high the quality was on many of these images until later when I had them open on the computer. Even though it was cold I could have brought more clothes and some hot beverages.” — Edward Mistarka

Editor’s Review:

“As we head toward summer, it’s now fun to reflect on the the cold temperatures of winter and the wildlife that finds ways to survive it. This shot captures two male cardinals in competition for seed at the feeder. I like the bright color of the birds against the snow and the action the photographer captured. The display of individual feathers is wonderful.” — Steve Freligh

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