Flickr Photo Review – Image by Ronan McLaughlin – Gannets

Below is an image submitted by one of our flickr members, “Ronan McLaughlin,” of two Northern Gannets.

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  • Notes From the Field: “I took the photo on the Saltee Island, a small island off the South east of the coast of Ireland. I went to the island with a plan, but as we all know that is often not the case. I was lucky the day I went to the island in that it was relative quiet and no one was at the Gannet colony so I had the birds to myself. I had the plan to get a shot like this but with time running out and the boat back to the mainland in less than one hour, I thought that it was not going to happen. The birds were building nests at the time and I concentrated on one bird hoping the mate would land and carry out their ‘meeting display.’ Eventually, and what seemed like an age, a second bird landed and the display started, the shutter did not stop. Luckily I got the shot and the symmetry I was looking for.” — Ronan McLaughlin

Editor’s Review:

Will be up soon…

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