Flickr Photo Review – Image by Perry de Graaf – Red Fox

Below is an image submitted by one of our flickr members, Perry de Graaf, of a mother and pup red fox.

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  • Notes From the Field: “In June 2009 I got a permit for the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary in Alaska. The sanctuary is an excellent place to view and photograph brown bears fishing for salmon. The foxes had a den close to camp and sometimes one of the adults walked through camp. We usually went out the whole day looking for the bears but fortunately in June in Alaska there is light till midnight. So when we came back from bear watching I went to the foxes. The den was near the trail to the outhouses so the foxes were used to seeing people. The fox kits were still small and only came out when one of the parents was at the den. I simply sat next to the trail and waited for some action. I used a 300 mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter to get this photo.” – Perry de Graaf

Editor’s Review:

“A wonderful moment between adult and young. I particularly enjoy the clarity of focus and lighting. I feel as though I can almost reach in and touch the pup. The expression on the young fox is priceless.” – Steve Freligh

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